Company Background

BOSS established in 1990, major in focusing on the development of Human Capital Management Solution (HCMS). The solutions are industrialized with top edge technology software across Peninsular Malaysia, Sabah and Sarawak. BOSS becomes one of the leaders in providing integrated human resource management software in helping HR professionals in wide-ranging of industries and sectors to implement and streamline a broad range of web-enabled HR management services.

BOSS unites overall human resource strategies to gain more significant insight into customers’ businesses. The unceasing power of our high skilled and talented Research & Development (R&D) team is able to stay up-to-date of customers’ embryonic needs, and generate a strong reputation in Human Resource Solutions market.

The objective of BOSS is to provide a smart, professional, and convenience tool to human resource management in different size of businesses that ran by customers. BOSS ensures that the HR matters are controlled prudently, with the experienced HR solutions to provide expert HR tools as industrial experts also agree that BOSS HCMS is one of the best and most influential HR solutions available in Malaysia.

Our Mission

We are a team build with professional and high-experience workforce, committed to providing our customers with smart Human Capital Management Solutions that ensures their businesses are always productive, profitable, and competitive.

We work towards accomplishing the vision and we hope to establish ourselves as a provider of best-in-class HR solutions in the industry. We believe in creating lasting connections with our customers by providing them competent and efficient HR solutions continuously.

Our Vision

To be well-recognized as a proficient, innovative and efficient leader in providing Human Capital Management Solution.